Fish, 4/21/11 Great Meadows – Concord

Click on an image for a larger version.

Great Meadows National Wildlife Refuge, Concord, MA


2 responses to “Fish, 4/21/11 Great Meadows – Concord

  1. Nice, it’s hard to get a good shot of fish.

  2. Hi Alan,

    Thanks. The light has to be right to get photographs of fish. You have to have light on the fish and not too many reflections on the surface of the water. Sometimes a polarizing filter can help remove reflections but I didn’t use one for these pictures because the filter would block a lot of light and the fish were moving so I needed as much light as possible to keep the shutter speed as high as possible. However increasing the contrast of the images in an image editor can be helpful, and it was with these images.

    Also, autofocus tends to lock on to the surface of the water so I had to manually focus on the moving fish.

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