Pileated Woodpecker Tossing Wood chips from a Tree Hole, 4/8/11 Concord Heron Rookery

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Heron Rookery, Concord, MA


2 responses to “Pileated Woodpecker Tossing Wood chips from a Tree Hole, 4/8/11 Concord Heron Rookery

  1. Fantastic photos! You must have been thrilled to witness this!

  2. Hi Cherrie,

    Yes, I was pleased to be able see this. But, in hindsight there are a couple of things I can think of that I should have done. My camera can record video. I should have tried taking a video. It might have shown exactly how the woodpecker was ejecting all those wood chips – I still don’t really know. I did turn on the continuous shooting feature of my camera but it is an inexpensive camera and was too slow even on continuous shooting. I only have a bunch of photos showing an empty hole and then suddenly a woodpecker head surrounded by falling wood chips. I also should have checked the ground below the hole to photograph the wood chips on the ground.

    After I had several photos of the woodpecker head with wood chips in the air around it, I pretty much just wanted to leave in case I was frightening the bird. But the bird didn’t really seem to mind my presence. The tree is right at the observation point, near where I photographed, probably, the same bird a few weeks ago. If the bird hangs out on the observation point, it may be used to being around people. I only saw it come out of the hole once for about a second, too short a time to get a photo, although I tried, but it disappeard back into the hole before I could press the shutter. Maybe the bird is high enough the tree enough that it doesn’t feel threatened by people at the observation point. I have a hard estimating how far I am from what I photograph because the telephoto lens makes everything appear so much nearer – I always “remember” being closer than I could possibly be.

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